Hello Lookmark!

Lookmark 1.0 is released! I am really happy about that and I hope you'll find Lookmark useful in your everyday life.

Read more about the background of Lookmark here.




Below you can see a couple of videos showing the main features of Lookmark 1.0.



Shows how you can lookmark an app in the App Store for later. For example, you can be reminded when a WiFi connection is available. Saves data! 




Left: a computer with the Lookmark Chrome Extension.

Right: an iPhone with Lookmark installed.

(Full screen recommended) 


Get Lookmark for iPhone here.

Get the Lookmark Chrome Extension here.


Many great features are in the works for upcoming versions. Stay tuned!

Happy lookmarking!



P.S. Try the great apps from the video above: Shut Up  &  Alto's Adventure - why not first get the Chrome Extension and then lookmark them from this page?

The Beginning

I’m happy to welcome you to the home of Lookmark – a new app for smart and easy app installation on iOS.

It all started a few months back. As an iOS developer I’m always looking for interesting apps to use or to be inspired by. I find them on the internet or through recommendations from friends and colleagues. This happens a lot, often several times per day.

Usually I’m sitting by the computer, so I visit the app’s website to check it out. However, clicking the "Download on the App Store” button is not the most streamlined user experience. On my computer, that makes iTunes launch wanting me to download the app and then synchronize with my iPhone. Not so smooth. Most of the times I just pick up my phone to do another search for the app in the App Store. Not ideal either.

I gave this problem some thought and came up with a solution that would save me both time and money. Even if no one else wanted it, I would use it every day. Lookmark was born.

A few months later and Lookmark is soon ready to go live. This is what you'll get in 1.0:

Lookmark for iOS collects all your lookmarked apps for easy installation. You can lookmark apps in the App Store with the Lookmark Share Extension. If you want to, Lookmark can remind you to install the app when you get WiFi connection. Saves you a lot of data!

The Lookmark Chrome Extension can be used when browsing the web on your Mac or PC. When visiting a page that has an iOS app link on it, the link(s) will be detected and with a couple of clicks the app is lookmarked and sent to your phone.

If this sounds like something that could make your digital life slightly easier I hope you will give Lookmark a try.

Many exciting features are in the works. This is just the start. The beginning.

Happy lookmarking!