Plus for All Content!

Lookmark 2.6 was released the other day. Until now, a Lookmark Plus subscription would let you watch updates and price changes for iOS and Mac apps. The main new feature in 2.6 is price watch for all content. Now you can get notified when the price changes for movies, TV shows, music, books etc. In addition, the ability to watch the release date of content available for pre-order has been improved.

In 2.6 I also added a new Plus subscription. Now you can choose if you want to subscribe to Plus features for All Content or Apps Only.

Users who had an active Plus subscription when 2.6 was released will get the All Content features at no additional cost during the first year. If you have the annual subscription, that means it will auto-renew at least once before the price is raised.

I made a video to show the basic features of Lookmark. Feel free to share it with friends you think might be interested.






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