Lookmark All the Things!

The months that have passed since Lookmark's launch back in October have been amazing. Users all over the world have used the app regularly to simplify iOS app installation. I'm very happy about that!

Meanwhile, I've been hard at work creating the next version of Lookmark. From the very start a few major features have been on the roadmap. Lots of positive and constructive feedback from users has encouraged and helped to enhance that roadmap. Today, I'm happy to share some new features with you all. 



What's New in Lookmark 2

  • Lookmark now supports most iTunes content including:
    • iOS Apps
    • Audiobooks
    • Books
    • Movies
    • Music
    • Podcasts
    • TV Shows
  • The redesigned share extension lets you lookmark iTunes content from web pages in Safari as well as in the iTunes content apps (App Store, iTunes Store, Podcasts, Music, iBooks). Very useful!
  • Unread marks makes it easier to keep track of new lookmarks.
  • Subscribe to Lookmark Plus to monitor the price of an app and get notified when it changes.
  • Of course, the browser extension for your computer also supports the new stuff. Download it to release the full power of Lookmark.




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Happy lookmarking!