Lookmark 2.3 πŸš€


I'm excited to announce that Lookmark 2.3 is now available on the App Store.

So what's new? The main focus in this release has been to make it easier for users to get started using Lookmark.



An important part of Lookmark is the share extension. Users find iTunes content on a web page or in apps like Twitter, Facebook or the App Store and use the share extension to save it to Lookmark. Previously, the app didn't guide the user on how to install the share extension. The new onboarding hopefully does a better job.



User Account

Until now, it has been mandatory to create a user account to start using Lookmark. That has not been a great user experience. In fact, on almost 40% of the devices that downloaded the app a user account was never created. Accordingly, many potential users never got a chance to see if Lookmark would be useful to them or not.

With this release, you can get started using Lookmark without creating a user account. Later on, when you know more about how the app works, a free account can be created to take advantage of more features.

A user account is still needed to sync content between devices, to save content from one of the desktop browser extensions, and to enable data recovery. But now it's up to the user.



The widget is simple, but hopefully useful. It lets you open the most recent lookmarks from Notification Center. On 3D Touch enabled devices, it's also available when force touching the app icon on the home screen. Enjoy!



3D Touch

Users with 3D Touch enabled devices can now use force touch to peek at content in Lookmark. Also, the widget and some useful shortcuts are available when using force touch on the app icon.




Lookmark 2.3 also contains lots of smaller improvements and bug fixes, such as improved sync performance.

Oh, I almost forgot the new and pretty universal link web pages that are linked to the content you share from Lookmark. What do you think? https://lookmark.link/eqEp/VIQXZBcqpE

I really hope you'll enjoy this release. More exciting features are in the works, so stay tuned. You can follow Lookmark on Twitter or Facebook.