Lookmark 2.7

While hard at work on the next major version of Lookmark, new features come along that don’t need to wait to be released. Lookmark 2.7 brings a few of those enhancements, and I hope you’ll find them useful. It’s mostly about the share extension.

The Today Tab

With iOS 11, Apple launched the new App Store with a Today section full of editorial content such as developer stories, app collections, tips & tricks etc. A great update, in my opinion. Unfortunately, the Lookmark share extension hasn’t been able to save content from Today stories. That changes today!  😀

The share extension now detects content in the Today tab.

Third Party Browsers

The Lookmark share extension is now able to detect apps and other iTunes content not only in Safari, but third party browsers too. Sorry it took so long!

The Lookmark share extension used in Chrome for iOS.


It is now indicated in the share extension if an item has already been added to Lookmark. You won’t be able to add it twice. In addition, you can tap an item in the share sheet to open it in Lookmark. Items not yet added to Lookmark can also be tapped and viewed in Lookmark before you decide to save them. Perhaps you’d like to turn on Price Watch for it right away? That just became a lot easier.

Open an item in Lookmark from the share sheet. And… no more duplicates!

All news in Lookmark 2.7:

  • Add content from the Today tab in the App Store.

  • Add content from any web browser.

  • The share extension now indicates if something has already been added to Lookmark.

  • Tap an item in the share extension to open it in Lookmark.

  • iOS App Bundles can now be saved to Lookmark.

  • You can now export your data from the Settings screen.

  • Smaller improvements and bug fixes.

As I mentioned above, there will be lots of new features in the coming months that I hope you’ll enjoy. If you like Lookmark and would like to support the development, please consider signing up for a Lookmark Plus subscription. Also, a nice review in the App Store helps a lot 😉. And tell your friends!



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