Hello Lookmark!

Lookmark 1.0 is released! I am really happy about that and I hope you'll find Lookmark useful in your everyday life.

Read more about the background of Lookmark here.




Below you can see a couple of videos showing the main features of Lookmark 1.0.



Shows how you can lookmark an app in the App Store for later. For example, you can be reminded when a WiFi connection is available. Saves data! 




Left: a computer with the Lookmark Chrome Extension.

Right: an iPhone with Lookmark installed.

(Full screen recommended) 


Get Lookmark for iPhone here.

Get the Lookmark Chrome Extension here.


Many great features are in the works for upcoming versions. Stay tuned!

Happy lookmarking!



P.S. Try the great apps from the video above: Shut Up  &  Alto's Adventure - why not first get the Chrome Extension and then lookmark them from this page?