Browser extension test page

To test the extension:

  1. Load this page in Mobile Safari, Safari for Mac or Chrome for Mac.

  2. Launch the share extension / browser extension and all of the iTunes items below should show up. Each item only should show once, though.

  1. Lifesum App Adjust link:

  2. Green Kitchen iTunes app link:

  3. Overcast iTunes app link:

  4. Yousician iOS App Store link:

  5. Minions iOS iTunes Store movie link:

  6. Blink Geo iTunes link:

  7. Blink app link:

  8. Overcast Bitly Apple link:

  9. Lightroom Bitly branded link:

  10. The Lookmark download page:

  11. Geo link - Alto's:

  12. Linkmarker - Spotify:

  13. link - Lookmark:

  14. link - Low

  15. -

  16. ProTube for YouTube by Jonas Gessner -

  17. Wrapp -

  18. Castro - itms-messagess://

  19. Touch Arcade link for I Am The Hero -

  20. Human Resource Machine in Chinese App Store:

  21. FaceApp in the Indonesian App Store (“/id/”):

  22. Mabel - High Expectiations (Apple Music album)

Youtube test:

tvOS app test:


Beergeek TV: