New Share Links



Lookmark 2.3 uses universal links. Since I don't want the new share links to get out in the open before the app that can handle them (2.3) is released, I have turned the share feature off in the beta version. Instead, to test how the links behave when you follow them I created this page with a few test links. Please don't share this page with anyone.

Thanks for testing and for your feedback! ♥️



How to test the links

  1. Open this page on your iPhone
  2. Try following a link when you already have Lookmark 2.3 Beta installed.
  3. Try following a link when you don't have Lookmark installed.
  4. Open this page on your computer and try the links.

Things 3 (iOS app)

Blackbox (iOS app):

Castro (iOS app):

Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind (movie)

New  York Trilogy (book):

Prince - Ultimate (album):


I'm currently playing around with QR codes. Might add them to Lookmark somehow.

QR Code

Universal links makes it possible to link from the web to specific content in Lookmark. If you follow a universal link but don't have Lookmark installed you'll be taken to a web page that either lets you download Lookmark, or lets you see the content on the web. If you choose to install Lookmark, the link's content will be presented to you when launching the app.